Warm Bodies

(imdb: 7.0 ) tormented zombie (Nicholas Hoult) was tasked to kill the walking dead that's a soldier's daughter (Teresa Palmer), he undergoes a deep transformation of the relationship... and the dead man lived an extraordinary live, founded by a bridge of poor communication on one side, both sides of the fight, the law could understand that the world never again be the same. Rob Corddry and John Malkovich warm bodies Isaac Marion's novel... a story based on... Zombies also among the players he loves people, and especially the minds of the people. But R (Nicholas Hoult) is different from the other zombies. The rest is protected in a solid manner that sends hirildayan who were victims of an epidemic to a city that, unlike other zombies splurging, R living in. Zombies are no longer wandering around an airport, people are searching for them by the next stage which is dangerous “Boney”they live in fear. One day, R and M best friend goes into town to find food. There R a beautiful woman, Julie (Teresa Palmer) he sees. Bonnie then decided to rescue Julie from the other zombies who r before him in his own home, messed-up stores it in a 747. Julie he's scared. Julie R has soothed a little bit to homurdanmal reliable. Julie R but to defend, refuse to eat human flesh, and even to speak more properly, in short, a zombie start behaving more like a human being when Julie realizes R's. The incident with Bonnie and start the search for him after learning his father when the couple, Julie understands that can be hidden forever. R had to leave, leaving behind on it. Can't wait to see Julie again who r combing their hair, tries to stand more upright, and behaves like a normal human being until it passes by the city Guard. If he proves that the zombies can change, maybe Julie will be able to have a chance with. Julie's father and his friends, but angry and want to kill Bonnie R attacking the city everything changes, and prepares the ground for a war between the living and the dead. playing

Warm Bodies


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