The East

(imdb: 7.0 ) a former FBI agent Sarah moss in the brood by a private security firm as a bodyguard for VIP customers she gets a job. The Firm's boss, Sharon, Sarah, he realizes his ability and selects him for a special mission. Sarah, "the East named" infiltrate and collect intelligence information from inside the organization. Anarchist files on the target, which is an organization which is concealed to the east there are the major companies to bring down corruption and Crime. After entering into the organization, especially the leader of the group converging with Benji, Sarah begins to hear ideas and sympathy for the ideals of the East. The woman between two roles in two different worlds, starring Brit Marling must now make a choice... is himself on the staff of the movie, Patricia Clarkson, Alexander skarsgård, Ellen page, and Shiloh Fernandez is accompanied by such names as. After sound of my voice directed the film, and the second a full-length feature film has played zal batmanglij signing into while in the scenario with Batmanglij starring Brit marling have signed... enjoy

The East


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