Terminator 3

It has been about 10 years since they help to prevent John Connor Judgment Day; Judgment Day Skynet's highly developed network of machines that, when programmed to destroy the human race and gain their own consciousness day. However, despite attempts to open war on the human race and Skynet to kill Connor, August 29, 1997, when the day comes that there has not been any event. Connor who is now 22 years old, “off the record” live: no home, no credit cards, no phone number, no job. There is no record of life. It is not possible to have let's by Skynet. Most sophisticated cyborg killing machine of the Skynet produced until the day until t-x until it came out of the shadow of the future. His successor, the T-1000 is sent to the past by the loose ends to complete this machine that is as beautiful, powerful and cruel. ( IMDB Rating:6.6/10 )

Terminator 3


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