Harry Potter

3 of the Harry Potter series.thanks to the dog head that sees the section type, the more confused starts school in the state.Especially the Minister of magic Cornelius fudge is in a crisis that has shown her the things he said about himself.Dementors at the school and Ron's rat is always seen as weird in the beginning of things. Creepy somehow escaped from the fortress of azkaban, and a notorious murderer who killed 13 people with a single curse, Sirius Black,is thought to be the servant of Lord Voldemort.Sirius black, Ron weasley's rat in Harry comes to Hogwarts to get to work. But Animagus. Remus Lupin in the shrieking Shack to meet with the Prof.,after them, who brings Harry and his friends Sirius(the dog animados state.) Scabbers animados actually confesses that he has.Lord Voldemort 12 years ago, Sirius black scabbers and wormtail's involvement in a real servant, who is nicknamed Peter pettigrew is dead counted.Sirius tells Harry everything that had happened, and Peter, the owner getting rid of it by the owner, Lord Voldemort manages to escape. Sirius is Harry's godfather. The book was Harry's favorite defense against the dark Arts teacher, prof. Lupin is a werewolf Families feature ni learned (because animagusluk Animados confuse it with our own will.Remus Lupin transform every full moon but in an uncontrolled manner passes) to leave the school grounds at Hogwarts resigned. playing

Harry Potter


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