Dallas Buyers Club

IMDB: 15.593 people voted ( 8.1 ) has been received. Drug addicts and HIV-infected woodroof inspired by the life of Ron is transferred to the big screen. Ron woodroof harvested in a 30-day lifetime due to AIDS in 1986. After diagnosis, the FDA approved as the only drug that is legal from the agency can use, which would have been driven to the brink of death AZT starting to pick up Ron quickly realizes that. The remedy is not legal in the United States, but located around the world, finds that apply to natural medicines. One of the doctors who was interested in her friend home with the help of Saks, Ron inadvertently surrounding communication and helps to establish a sales network in patients. "Dallas Buyers Club" known as the formation of those who prefer Alternative Medicine instead of treatment is FDA approved and more patients the choice of AZT better than it works. But the situation soon it is noticed Ron leads a fight against the FDA and pharmaceutical companies.

Dallas Buyers Club


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